Septarian Nodules were formed during the Cretaceous period, 50 to 70 million years ago. Decomposing sea life killed by volcanic eruptions, had a chemical attraction for the sediment around them, forming mud balls as the ocean receded, the balls were left to dry and crack.


Because of their Bentonite content, they also shrank at the same time trapping the cracks inside. As decomposed calcite from the shells was carried down into the cracks in the mud balls, calcite crystals formed. A thin wall of calcite transformed into aragonite separating the bentonite heavy clay exteriors from the calcite centers. Because of this, the nodules are called Septarians.


Septarian concretions or septarian nodules, are concretions containing angular cavities or cracks, which are called "septaria". The word comes from the Latin word septum; "partition", and refers to the cracks/separations in this kind of rock Septarians are composed of Calcite (The Yellow Centers), Aragonite (The Brown Lines) and the Outer Grey Rock is Limestone. Occasionally the fossil or some of the fossils, which started the formation of the rock, can be seen in the rock.

Metaphysical guide of Septarian:




Septarian noduules are healing stones beneficial to overall health and well-being.

Opens psychic abilities

Gives relief for muscle spasms

Nurtures and grounds

Chakra: Root Chakra

Energies: Healing


Septarians bring calming energies, which have a nurturing feel to them, and can bring feelings of joy and spiritual uplifting. Septarians are used to enhance and nurture communication with groups, making it much easier to speak clearly and kindly in-group settings. Septarians can also used to assist with communication with Mother Earth. It is said to bring unconscious foreknowledge needed by the user to help him or her always be prepared for what is coming up. In crystal healing folklore, Septarians are used for healing of the blood and kidneys. Septarian is related to the lower chakras, root, sacral and solar plexus.


Septarian is a "concretion" stone. Concretions are protective stones, providing both grounding and shielding of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It is a stone for regulation of spiritual, mental, and physical prowess. It promotes both calming and understanding on the emotional level. Septarian enhances feelings and the condition of well-being and provides for a merging with and amplifying of one’s energies. It is also quite useful in determining the direction in which to progress. Septarian loves to be held, emanating a loving, kind, and sincere energy pattern. It is said to be a speaking stone and enhances communication on multiple levels.


This is the back of a Septarian Nodule as it looks when first pulled from the earth in a very rough state. What can be hidden inside?

By turning the same Nodule over it reveals to the finder the promise of surprises and beauty hidden and waiting to be discovered.

On the left is the photo of the back section that has been worked with an angle grinder as seen below. The right side took about thirty minutes of grinding the surface to reveal the beautiful and mystical abstracted beauty seen here.

Angle Grinders are the perfect solution to bring out the discoveries and the hidden beauty of large stones. They work by using a series of felt back grinding wheels and a flow of water that run through the grinder and out a hole in the center of the wheel. This keeps the stone cool and continually washes away the debris that is being ground off.


You can find some that do this dry but the amount of dust is not worth it when the water flow keep everything clean.

You can find these grinders at outlets the cater to the tiling trades where they are used to polish contour tops and tiles.


These grinder are perfect for anyone who has large stones that need to be polished.